Ovation Society

Now is the time to ensure that generations to come experience the same joy you have experienced at Gallagher Bluedorn — the sense of anticipation as you approach the building, the excitement of taking your seat, the pleasure of being transfixed by a show, and the sheer delight of applauding with abandon following an amazing performance.

You can do this by leaving your legacy through the Gallagher Bluedorn’s Ovation Society. Contact the Gallagher Bluedorn for more information at 319-273-3672.

Join the Ovation Society

Make a Cash Gift:

With a contribution of at least $25,000, or an annual commitment of $5,000 for five years, you can direct your gift to the area most meaningful to you.

Name an Endowment:

With a commitment of at least $40,000 you can create an endowment named for you, your family, or a loved one with a focus in an area that supports your arts and cultural interests.

Make a Planned Gift:

With a planned gift of $100,000 or more you can leave a lasting impact on Gallagher Bluedorn far into the future.