Research Foundation & Properties Corporation

UNI Research Foundation

The UNI Research Foundation authorizes monies for the research and development of prospective patents and other intellectual properties. The research foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees (elected by the UNI Foundation) and works in conjunction with the University of Northern Iowa Intellectual Property Committee (IPC). Procedures for consideration of intellectual properties and disbursements of funds are based on the University of Northern Iowa's Policy of Inventions, Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks and Other Intellectual Properties. All requests are presented initially through and approved by the IPC.

UNI Properties Corporation

The UNI Properties Corporation solicits and receives contributions of real estate. The property is immediately sold and the net proceeds from the sale are distributed to the UNI Foundation.

The properties corporation, governed by a Board of Trustees (elected by the UNI Foundation), holds title to real estate and collects the income therefrom only during the short interval between receipt of the contribution and sale of the real estate.



See the financial information for the UNI Research Foundation and UNI Properties Corporation