Supporting students in crisis

Be part of the $25,000 challenge to keep 100 students on the path to graduation


Too often unexpected expenses prevent students from reaching graduation. Last year, 94 students facing crisis situations were awarded a total of $45,193 from the Student Emergency Fund. Antonio was one of those students. Donors to the emergency fund kept students who lacked access to other resources on the path to graduation. We know more students like Antonio will need help this year, and we need your support.

Diane Berthel, '75, has agreed to match all gifts to the Student Emergency Fund, up to $25,000. A $25 gift becomes a $50 gift with the match. If we all give what we can, together we can raise $25,000 to get the full $25,000 match.

With $50,000, we will be able to support 100 students through emergency situations this year. Make an impact on students today.