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Help the Panther Battalion raise $10,000 to support leadership and professional development opportunities

Hear from LTC Dean Ray and Cadet Colin Spies about the PAWprint project and how you can make an impact.

Learning to become a leader will make any college experience richer and prepare students for the future. Army ROTC is the premier college-level leadership program, leading to a commission as an Army officer and membership in one of the most respected professions in America. During classes, leadership labs, physical training and field training at UNI, cadets learn firsthand what it takes to lead others, motivate groups and conduct missions as an officer in the Army. 

Classes are focused on developing qualities that are necessary for leadership in a military or civilian career: fast and effective decision making, establishing a strong vision, confidence and presence, effective communication and the ability to influence others towards a common goal by providing purpose, motivation and direction. 

UNI is launching a $10,000 PAWprint crowdfunding campaign to support the leadership and professional development opportunities mentioned above. Your support of the Military Science Fund for Excellence will:

  • Enable cadets to participate in time-honored events such as the Military Ball and Senior Cadet Staff Ride
  • Assist in participation at some of the more memorable esprit corps events such as the Bataan Death March and Army 10 Miler/AUSA Conference
  • Allow cadets to visit famous battlefields they have studied 

Alum Michael J. Wright, ‘69, has graciously offered to match the first $2,500 for the project dollar for dollar, doubling the impact you can make.

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Questions? Contact LTC Dean Ray or Derick Stoulil.

LTC Dean Ray
Department Head,
Professor of Military Science

Derick Stoulil
Associate Director,
Annual Giving Programs