Chemistry faculty nurture roots of excellence at UNI

Leland Wilson, Ph.D., and Ching Woo, Ph.D., were friends, colleagues and founding members of the UNI Department of Chemistry. Wilson was the longtime head of the department, and after he passed away in 1993, this redbud tree was planted outside McCollum Science Hall in his memory by his daughter and her husband, Drs. Mary Sue and Kenneth Coleman.

Professor Woo passed away in 2020. This spring, his family placed a bench in his memory under Professor Wilson’s tree to bring the two colleagues back together. Many thanks to these families for establishing funds that continue to nurture the roots of excellence they planted at UNI.

Would you like to honor a colleague, friend or loved one with a tree or bench on campus? Visit our commemorative site amenities program webpage.

Commemorative tree and bench honoring UNI Department of Chemistry members Leland Wilson, Ph.D., and Ching Woo, Ph.D.