Annual Giving Tools

How to use Advocate Tools on UNI's Giving Campaigns

Make an impact at UNI by encouraging your network, family, and friends to support UNI! Follow the video or the steps below to maximize your impact at UNI!

Step 1. ✔️  Create a GiveCampus user account (or if you already have one, log in)

We can only celebrate your hard work if we're able to tell it's you! And we can see that when you're logged in to our giving forms. Your impact on the campaign will show up in real time with the number of clicks, gifts and dollars you're generating!

Head to or the campaign you're supporting below and click "SIGN UP" at the top of the page.

Create an account from your email or through Facebook on the campaign you're supporting.

Make sure to select the University of Northern Iowa as your college.

Create your account!

Once you have your account, visit your page and click "Advocates" or scroll to the bottom of the page and review your advocacy options.

Image depicting the options advocates have: Become an Advocate and be recognized for your impact! Visit your Advocacy Dashboard. Share with your network. Inspire your friends & peers. Tell your story.

Step 2. ⭐ Consider your own gift

Lead by example and make your own gift early. It's much easier to ask your friends and family to join you in making a gift when you’ve already done it yourself!

Give Now

✌️ Offer a match or challenge

Leverage your gift and encourage others to give via a match or challenge. 

Consider making your match or challenge specific to your class year, affiliation, designation or to a list of your friends (by email address) to raise the stakes.

Inspire your Friends & Peers - Encourage others to give with a Matching Gift or Challenge.

Challenge gifts

Challenges are simple and can be met when a threshold is met (Rob will give $250 if five donors from the class of 2013 give).

Give Campus ChallengesCreate your challenge!

Matching gifts

Matches are similar but can be more specific and are generally dollar related. (Anna is matching $1 per $1 up to $1,000).

Matching GiftCreate a Matching Gift

Step 3. ✉️ Share the campaign using the built-in sharing options

The built-in sharing buttons on the campaign page generate a link that is unique to you. If you share the link while you're logged in, we can see and celebrate your impact!

Share via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text message, email, phone call, carrier pigeon… The sky’s the limit!

Share, Tweet, Copy to Share

Step 4. ✍️ Tell your story by uploading a personal plea

Creating a personal plea on GiveCampus gives you a chance to add your own UNI story. A personal plea is a short video in which you explain why you love UNI and why others should join you in your efforts to support the university.

To upload your personal plea, click on the "Advocates" tab on any giving page. Your video will be live as soon as it’s approved by the UNI Annual Giving team.

3 Tips for Creating Your Personal Plea

  • Your video does not need to be fancy. In fact, the more genuine your video is, the more likely people will take action. Cell phone videos are great! Just be sure to record the video horizontally.
  • Get creative. Bring in kids, pets or wear your Panther gear for the video.
  • Be silly. Fun videos are engaging and will spread far (and, of course, create opportunities for Panthers), so let your personality shine in your video.

Tell your story, Create a Personal Plea video encouraging others to join you in supporting the campaign. Create your personal pleaAlumni Sample matched 3 gifts for a total of $15, generated 245 clicks and 5 gifts, totaling $283, create a personal plea

Sample personal plea

Hi! Happy Live Purple Give Gold! I'm excited to support UNI today because I know the opportunities I had were made possible by Panthers that came before me. I hope you can join me today by making a gift. We're trying to hit 1,876 donors today in honor of UNI's founding year, and I hope you'll be one of them. You can easily make a gift through the button below or at Thanks and Go Panthers!

Step 5. ❤️ Join the Panther Promoters

If you haven’t already, join the Panther Promoters, UNI’s most loyal supporters. 

Help tell UNI's story! Participate in or share major events on social media such as Homecoming, Panther Push Day, UNI Day at the Capitol, new UNI Magazine content, our annual Day of Giving (#LivePurpleGiveGold) and more! Visit to sign up.

Panther Promoters